France Film School

France Film School

In the early modern period of the French renaissance, France had become one of the greatest centers for art, thanks to the vanity of one ruler. Today, with a number of glamorous and exceptional France film schools and the Cannes, France is still beyond doubt the best place to learn filmmaking.

One of the best places to learn filmmaking in France is The French International Film School also called La Fémis.

The La Fémis France film school sits in the 18th district or arrondisement along the historic Pathé Studios. With the best facilities and the best faculty team, La Fémis has become since then a prestigious reference. It also has become a competitively selective institution, from out of 1500 students, only 36 students are selected per year. La Fémis France film school is also thoroughly known to handle exceptional training based on exceptional standards in film industry, very hands-on oriented, especially with the Cannes Film Festival happening in close proximity. La Fémis France film school also houses a film library that contains over 2000 shorts, documentaries, and movies previous works of La Fémis students.

Their impressive facilities would include large classrooms and gathering places, several film studios, screening studies equipped with the latest technologies, and of course several student amenities like an inclusive student lounge.

Because the La Fémis France film school resides in Montmartre, students of different nationalities will have the opportunity to keep in touch with characters of the same age and pursuing as the neighborhood is known for its population choice of young actors.

Another France film school worthy of the same acclaim is Eicar. It is known as The International Film School of Paris for simpler reference. With impressive landscaping, magnificent gothic buildings, and splendid plazas, Eicar France film school is as majestic to the eyes as it is in school program.

This France film school is located in Paris, France since 1972. And since 1972, the institution has believed strongly that excellent film education are those that are practical, that the best teaching method is the time a student handles himself the cameras and the lights. This is Eicar’s creed, and such is why Eicar has become one of the top class France film school.

To facilitate the bulging number of international students, the Eicar France film school has two film school sections, a French one and an International section. Both are equally supported, with the International section accommodating some 100 students per year, at both Baccalaureate and Masteral studies.

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